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Blowing It Scenario #18-Super Bowl Team’s Defenses Blew It. Mainly The Patriots.

The Super Bowl This Year Had A Ton Of Offense, Just Not Much Defense.

The Super Bowl was played last night between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. If you’re anything like me you loved watching that game. I love a great shoot out, especially between the best two teams in the league. And let me tell you, we were rewarded this year. We had an NFL game with a whooping 74 points scored and both teams combined for over a thousand yards of offense. I’ve probably never seen a more beautifully coached game from an offensive standpoint. We had team go for it on a incredibly well designed forth down play. Where the Quarterback faked an audible and then went on to score a receiving touchdown, when the running back took the snap in the wild cat formation pitched it back to the eagles the receiver on a end around and the receiver then threw the touchdown to the Q.B. It was a bold move and one I was very happy to have witnessed.

However, was this game just the greatest display of offense or did the defenses just completely not show up. I believe their were about two total turnovers in the game and probably as many punts. On the turnovers one was a complete gimme. When the eagles receiver juggled the ball right into the outstretched hands of a Patriots player on the five yard line. Had that not happened Eagles may have won by a much greater margin. Then their was only the strip sack by the Eagles defensive line men at the most crucial time of the game with just over 2 minutes remaining. We have all witnessed the many great and quite frankly insane comebacks Tom Brady has engineered over the years especially in Super Bowls. With Eagles only up by 5 at the time, I have no doubt in my mind had that turnover not happened we might have been looking at a 6th Tom Brady and Bill Belichik Super Bowl victory. But other then those two turnovers the defenses looked a little on their heels most of the game. They did get great pressure on Tom but it just wasn’t consistent enough to truly throw him off his game. Patriots got very little pressure on Nick Foles.

As for Tom, some commentators want to put the blame squarely on his shoulders, but he not only keep them in the game being down an average of ten points consistently throughout . He brought them back to take the lead by one point in the forth. Had the defense not blown it, they could have held on to win. But they let the onslaught of a magnificently coached Eagles offense lead by Doug Pedersen and a brilliantly executed Eagles offense by Nick Folk continue for one final drive. A drive capped off by a diving touchdown from Zach Ertz that nearly could have resulted in a non catch since there was ball movement when he hit the ground.

I’d like to quickly address that terrible failure of a catch rule. That the NFL instituted and absolutely blew it with this season. A rule that saw a player nearly lose his leg earlier in the season making a touchdown catch (Zach Miller). Only to have it overturned by the refs because in his agony he placed the ball down on the ground next to him in the endzone. It’s the rule that I think was the biggest blowing it move by the NFL in a long time and if it’s not changed this off season. I don’t know if I’ll watch the sport as avidly as before. I’m just one guys opinion though. I’m happy the refs didn’t make those bad calls in this game. There were two Eagles touchdowns in the game where their was ball movement, that could have very well been overturned had the refs stuck adherently to the new rules. Which I’m happy to say the refs didn’t effect the outcome of this game. It was a great Super Bowl with I’m sure many other failures I’ve overlooked. Some commercials might be deemed failures especially the complete network blackout, some might think the half time show had aspects to it that failed. As for me the biggest issues and failures of the night were on defense.

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