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Confirmation Bias #165

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear Or Read. Avoid Confirmation Bias In The Wrong Information.

Especially on this website. These articles are my developed cognitive biases. You don’t have use them to be your confirmation bias. There will always be information to either support or reject your ideas and hypothesis. Be sure to do your research learn every possible angle and make your own conclusions from the most logical deductions.

We are shaped by our cognitive biases. I believe it’s healthy to have such gifts. Nothing great, incredible, or new was every built or imagined without some form of cognitive bias.

Think Outside The Box.

confirmation bias
Photo by Leone Venter on Unsplash

You will have to go against the grain. against the status quo to bring an ambition or something that has never been done to life. It’s those without the cognition to think outside the box that become the naysayers. They will tell you that can’t be done or it’s a stupid pipe dream. These are the individuals who have myopic views of the world.

They will read articles and listen to talking heads that reinforce and support those such views and it will get them locked deeper into them. This is confirmation bias at work and it’s closed minded thinking. They are trapped by this thinking and the snare only cinches tighter.

Our Beliefs

Keep an open mind even if we believe we know we are right. Also forego telling those individuals any of your dreams, actually tell no one for that matter and just build it. I read that when you tell someone a goal or a far fledged aspiration the mind constructs that event as if it has been done and you receive the hit of dopamine when people like your idea. So much so that you feel the accolades prior to even doing anything. That action has the adverse effect and more often than not prevents you from taking any action. Why leap when you already told others about your future leap and they already congratulated you prematurely?


Feel free to be biased in ways that will keep you and our culture advancing. Crush the biases that keep you standing still or worse reverting back to negative patterns of thought and expression.

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