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Hospitals Denying Treatment And Recommending Crowdsourcing To Fund Medical Bills #160.

So It’s A Big No To Socialized Medicine But The Medical Field And Insurance Industry Want You To Socialize Your Finances With Crowdsourcing. In Order To Pay Them Their Exorbitant Fees.

Just find the money elsewhere. A story recently came out of a women who was denied being placed on the heart transplant list. Because she didn’t have the $10,000 to cover her copay. In their denial. The hospital suggested that the lady start a gofundme (Crowdsourcing) page. In order to beg for the needed financial assistance from friends, family and the kindness of strangers. To achieve that amount for her to be placed upon the donor list.

And that is the world we live in. The poor are left to beg for their life. This lady even has insurance but the copay is too high that she is denied the lifesaving services. What is the point of insurance if can’t even cover expenses? Insurance sole purpose is to indemnify an individual in the case of catastrophic financial loss. That is specifically what it is intended for. This situation seems pretty catastrophic.

Do We Now Need Insurance For Our Insurance?

Most developed even under developed countries have healthcare built into the rights of all citizens. Paid for through there hard work and taxes. In America we pay high taxes that tend to not much benefit the individual payer. When health issues arise individuals are forced into bankruptcy in order to have a chance at life.

Beg, Borrow or Steal

Seems to be the only answer for survival to those who don’t have the money for a medical emergency. Or any emergency for that matter. If you’re poor and don’t run a massively tight budget in order to have savings. These three decisions seem to be the only three options available.

First she’ll look to begging through crowdsourcing or panhandling. If that doesn’t work she’ll ask for a loan. Clearly no bank would loan a dying poor woman money. So when that fails, the last option to survive would be to steal. Sadly that might be this lady best choice.

Stealing To Get Healthcare

She might be better off if she steals. That’s the catch in this system. If you steal and get caught. Then you go to jail. You will not be refused medical treatment in jail. It’s a completely backwards system. And we need do something about it. So good people don’t get taken advantage of and have to turn to alternative means in order to live.

Health care is a business, insurance is a business. Each one has the purpose to make money so it can stay in business and help others.

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

As frustrating as this story is, it does make sense and the hospital gave this woman valuable advice on how to potentially obtain the finances through crowdsourcing. In order to get the medical attention she so much needed. I don’t love the system but in order to stay ahead of it we have to look at the best answer, and it’s simple. Always save for a rainy day because you never know when your roof will cave in.

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