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Blowing It Scenario #15-Punxsutawney Phil Blew It With His 6 More Weeks Of Winter Prediction

It’s Goundhog Day.

If you are anything like me you are already over this winter. Cold and wet would be the best two terms to describe the weather where I’m from. We get wet most of the year but  the additional cold really makes for a dreary couple months. Now we have this over confident, overzealous groundhog over in some small town on the east coast named Punxsutawney, telling us we have 6 more weeks of this nonsense winter.  Well I for one am ready for spring. It couldn’t come any sooner. I even took a tropical vacation in December to break this drab winter. It certainly helped but now Phil is raining on my parade.

I do love Groundhog Day. What a wonderful tradition that now receives national attention. About a rodent that can predict the weather in a town I had never heard of before fun little holiday. It is also a day that has sparked the creation of one of the greatest movies of all time and also one of my all time favorites. Groundhog Day. A movie where Bill Murray plays the protagonist. A self righteous self absorbed character at the beginning of the film who is cursed to live the same day, February 2nd, Groundhog Day over and over. And through a never ending series of failures in which he continues to blow it each day. After he finally hits rock bottom, quite literally in the film. He begins to learn from his mistakes, he lets go of his selfish behaviors, and begins to take action towards making the lives of everyone around him better. Only when, he at last improves all the lives around him including his own. He finally wakes the next day, a better man with a happier fuller life.

This movie is not just a brilliant comedy, it is filled with life lessons. One of the most important lessons and my favorite is that you can often feel like you’re on this never ending carousel of the same awful day. Making the mistakes. Blowing it all the way to the next repeated failure. However that’s not how the story ends. We can take actions towards making our lives and those around us all that much better. It doesn’t happen over night, it may feel thankless at times. You may have to live through what might feel like like a never ending journey just to get to the next day. But it will come if we stay steadfast in our commitment to ourselves and others. We will see the light of a new much brighter day.

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