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Watching True Crime Shows (Blowing It Scenario #111)

Is It Our Sick Sense Of Curiosity that Keeps Us Watching?

I wasted a whole day recently watching a true crime documentary on Netflix. Absolutely nothing came of it. I was just left feeling somewhat depressed. Not only that I wasted a day watching this nonsense, but that I voyeuristically watched as real crimes took place. It’s awful, some of these shows literally display people dying and for some reason we can’t take our eyes off it. And we’ll continue to play the next episode believing some resolution will come of it. But sometimes it never does.

So we’re left with these horrific stories and images to just feaster in our psyche. We wish we could do something but we’re nothing more than spectators and that is a helpless sick feeling. To just watch crimes take place as bystanders sitting on a couch. It just seems like time that was so poorly spent. But then again most television is and most shows take those true crime stories compile them together then glorify it to make it into an addicting hit show for the masses to escape into and to be entertained. Maybe some of these true crime shows actually, from time to time, help solve crimes and cold cases. So in that sense they are not a complete loss if they help but if your just watching for entertainment value, I recommend finding a better way to spend your time or at least watch something a bit more positive.

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