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Slumps (Blowing It Scenario #112)

We All Get Into Them And The Only Way To Beat It Is To Play Through It.

No matter what it be; sport, writing, marriage, dating. We will all hit a slump at some point. In sports you see it all the time. In basketball shooters can’t hit a shot to save their life. Kickers will miss wide in football, while passers will miss there open targets. In dating you’ll feel like a misfit a complete social outcast at certain points. You feel like you couldn’t buy yourself a date if you wanted to. In marriage you’ll at times feel if your with the wrong person that there is an awkwardness that you didn’t see in the beginning. With writing, just yesterday I told someone I felt like I was in a slump that day. And there was my answer staring me right in the face, write about slumping. Because the only answer to a slump is to not give into it, but it’s to play through it.

The best way to get your rhythm back is to find the easy shot. Be it an actual shot in sport, or a metaphorical shot in life situation. It’s all the same, find a way to get some easy chances at getting back to being whole and focused. In basketball a shooter that is slumping might get himself fouled in order to get to the free throw line. Where they have a few easy attempts at shooting the ball. Kickers have it tough with the new extra point rule in football. They used to have a really easy extra point kick so if they were slumping the extra points would back focused that’s not so much the case anymore. So when they slump they tend to stay in it for the entire game. It’s not until the players can see there action go through the net or the uprights that they can mentally get back into the game. A quarterback who’s missing targets might start to throw a lot of short check down passes to get back into rhythm. And once he does, watch out for the big plays, because his confidence is back and he’s ready to sling it.

In dating if you can’t seem to find the dates you want, or almost everyone seems to turn you down, you might have to just take the first person willing to go out with you. Not to say it in a bad way but take the easiest shot. It might not work out but it will help to boost your confidence in that arena, and you’ll see the suitors come calling afterwards.

In marriage, if your slumping, do the little things, the easy things. Sometimes it might be too late but at least you’ll know in your next relationship to never slack on the small stuff; communication, affection, and attention. As for me and writing this. It was my answer to my slump, write what you know what your going through and it’s the easiest form writing. Key word to all this is easiest. Start at easy and when you get that down, slowly increase the intensity and difficulty till you’ve completely broken through any slump.

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