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Blowing It Scenario #65-Our Failure To Value Our Time Properly.

Time Is Our Most Valuable Resource We Control.

Yet we squander it as if there is a never ending abundance of it. We’ll take on unfulfilling jobs that pay us barely enough to get by and in doing so, we let someone else put a price tag on our time. We’ll think we’re making money if we sell something online yet often times when we do, those that want to purchase want our time as well. It takes time to meet them, it takes time to make that transaction. Time we don’t account for but never the less time we lose. We wait on others often to attend events. I believe one of the most disrespectful things you can do is to not be on time. When you make others wait for you you are basically telling them your time is more valuable than theirs.

683,280 hours that’s how many hours you have if you live to be the average age of 78. Take out the more unproductive years of your youth and you only have three quarters of that time left. If we valued our time appropriately we’d probably charge far more for work and other menial task then we currently do. Markets tend to dictate price but people tend to dictate markets. We need to make them work for us without the barriers of our time.

We shouldn’t go out of our way just to save a buck when we know it cost 10 times that in time wasted. Just understand time is our most valuable resource. However you wish to spend your time, that’s truly up to you. If it’s spent only chasing what makes you happy, or if it’s spent in pursuit of getting ahead, or both. Just make sure it’s highly valued by yourself and those around you.

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