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Labeling Simple Explanations As Mansplaining. Failure #224

Mansplaining, A Denegrating Term Used For The Act Of A Man Giving Unsolicited Advice Usually To A Person Of The Opposite Sex.

If the “mansplaining” is unsolicited you can for sure respectfully decline their “knowledge.” Those who impose, never last long at the table anyway. However, sometimes people are just interested in learning and passing on that knowledge to others. Never to come across with an air of superiority but to simply understand the world around them better. And to hopefully assist others in learning something new along with them.

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

When we debase and corrupt that process, we challenge communication, and we challenge education. We say to each other don’t tell me anything I already know, and before long that becomes don’t tell me anything at all.

We Put Up Walls Because We Already Know Everything We Need To Know Right?

What man can explain anything better than the knowledge we already possess? Possibly not too many. However there may be a select few that have incredible insights that are too afraid to share because they don’t want to come off as superior and make you feel inferior. They don’t want to feel as if they’re mansplaining to you.

But that is not always the case with education. It’s often collaborative. Sure there are facts and certainties out there. Even then, wouldn’t would want to know when you are factually wrong about something?

All of the writing on this website could be considered mansplaining.

I’m a man writing explanations. But for me, I’m just trying to better understand the world around me and hopefully the conversation that grows from it will help others too. I could be wrong on a lot of things. I’d like to know when I am. And that is how we should look at an outside explanation, don’t close if off, question it. What makes their answer right to them?

You may run into the select few that like to think they are superior. But just know those men feel inferior inside. It’s a projection of self conscious impotence. Look strong to feel strong. Those gentleman may need to be treated with kid gloves as to not arouse there internal sensitivities. Agreeing with them may be you best way to avoid conflict. Those are the true mansplainers out there.