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Blowing It Scenario #79-Democratic Party Sues Trump Campaign, Wikileaks and Russian Government Over Alleged Campaign Conspiracy.

Now The DNC Is Just Grasping At Straws To Save Face.

You lost the 2016 election, suck it up and get over it. In the mean time, take some damn responsibility for it as well. Stop blaming others for your problems. It’s issues like this that make people vote against you and not with you. The DNC themselves colluded to disrupt democracy in the 2016 elections when they chose Hillary Clinton would when the DNC Presidential nomination and absolutely no one else at all cost. Not even Bernie Sanders, who had commanding support across the nation and most likely would have won the Presidency had the Democratic party not disrupted his ascendance. And because of the fall out they needed to point the finger at everyone else. Poor DNC, a website designed to keep governments honest spilled the beans on their nefarious actions.

Now the DNC wants to sue the Trump campaign, why because they did their job and won. They want to sue the Russian Government, well that just because we blame them for everything bad in world politics today, so an easy target. And sue Wikileaks, a website where the owner is banned from so many countries because he has successful exposed the truth behind many atrocious acts governments around the world have committed. Leaking information those who are a part of never want it to see the light of day. And will do anything in their power to stop it. It’s why it’s founder Julian Assange must to live in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Many Governments want him behind bars so this highly skilled watchdog can no longer expose their deep dark secrets.

Look Democratic National Committee you failed, understand that. Quit searching the past scapegoats and reconciliation, move forward. Build a better committee, one that the american people are excited to support again. Because while your grasping at straws of the past, the rest of us are looking to move forward with or without you.

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