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Blowing It Scenario #30-Fox News Commentator Blowing It By Telling Basketball Players To Shut Up And Dribble The Ball.

The Political Commentator Who’s Blowing It By Telling Basketball Players To Shut Up And Dribble Instead Of Talking Politics.

Of coarse this comes from a network that claims to be fair and balanced. Laura Ingraham a fox news commentator, thought it would be smart to go after basketball players expressing their negative opinions about politics today. Laura being the all knowing political genius she is, ripped them for this. Saying they need to shut up and dribble the ball. Attempting to reduce their worth to a mere side show act that has no brains or free will. One who soul purpose is to dribble a ball. It’s a degrading and generalized statement. All people not just basketball players but all people, are so much more then just their job or what they do to earn a living. These men have very high emotional intelligence and have the life experience to know what’s happening in their communities. Sports player might be one of the best possible resource to comment on the political climate of the times. Most have had their foot in both camps, poverty and prosperity. Who have not only grown through that process, they more often then not continue to maintain relationships with their not so well of friends.

Whatever her intentions were, it was a blatantly disrespectful comment and one that completely backhands her own supporters in the process. From the plumber to the doctor who may love Trump and support him. She is also telling you your opinion doesn’t matter and you should get back to laying pipe or prescribing drugs. She is insinuating that all your self worth is tied up in the one action you do to earn a living and support your family. You very well couldn’t possibly know how to do anything else or think for yourself. Because only political commentators can have opinions on politics. I absolutely love the double standard in this line of limited thinking. She’s telling people to stay in their own lane meanwhile she is swerving back and fourth through everyone else’s. it’s a absolutely beautiful display of the antithesis of fair and balanced. It’s this, if you don’t agree with me, I’m going to deride your beliefs and hammer you with data that only supports mine.

It’s this political environment that gets us all so polarized in our views. We don’t listen to anyone who has conflicting beliefs of ours and when we over hear it we feel we must attack it. More often then not we all have similar goals, don’t dismiss others beliefs, engage them. If you feel you can help someone, show or offer alternatives but don’t demand them. Everyone should think for themselves, and when we disagree let’s open the door to that conversation, not begrudge, besmirch or belittle them, embrace them.

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