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Burning A Billion Dollars In A Day (Blowing It Scenario #123).

How Do You Set Fire To A Billion Dollars In One Day.

Why you have a holiday that you celebrate by literally setting things ablaze that you purchased. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy independence day. I usually partake in the free shows though. I just can’t wrap my head around how much some people spend on fireworks. Only to do what they’re made for and that is blow them up. Hard earned income gone up in smoke in the blink of an eye.

You wouldn’t buy a new bed spread or toaster oven than take it home and immediately set fire to it. Yet every fourth of July that’s what individuals do with hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks they purchased from the local Indian reservation. Just burn there money. And how about that for irony? A majority of fireworks sales happen on reservations. Native Americans who’s land was taken from them. Help the fellow country man who took the land in the first place celebrate it’s win of the land from England. Or in other words independence from the tyranny of English rule in 1776. It’s an interesting predicament but I guess if you can’t beat them, at least make money off them.

All in all its a fun holiday and the shows are quite entertaining. If your happy spending the money on such things than who am I to stop it. Just try to be safe and have a good fourth.

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