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Blowing It Scenario #103-Opposites Attracting.

Not Sure How This Idea Behind Magnetism Became A Common Saying About Human Relationships.

Tell me if you have heard this one before or if you’ve ever told yourself, opposites attract? It’s a very common saying and belief. And although it’s very true if you are a pair of magnets. It doesn’t so much correlate to humans. Humans are so much more complicated then the north and south poles of a magnet. A more truer statement would be like attracts like. Where similarities draw in those with other similarities. Not the opposite. If you try to go after the opposite you’ll be in a constant battle. You’ll want one thing out of life while your opposing partner wants something completely different.

Opposite can sometimes challenge you in certain areas and if you are looking to be challenged it may be something you sign yourself up for. This can sometime help you in improving but it will be trying if you make a life of it. It’s great when you can complement someone else’s weaknesses with your strengths or vise versa your partner helps you where you struggle. In those situation though you’re not working as opposites, you’re working as two parts to make a whole. You are both working towards a common goal. Not opposing each other but working together, it’s two fundamentally different things.

The only real situation opposites attract in a relationship is if their is a dominant and a submissive. Where one exercises their will, while the other submits to it. This codependency is not too uncommon and if it works for you great. You can continue to tell people opposites attract. But for the rest of us, relationship are more of an ebb and flow, a get and give back mentality. A continuous effort between two to work fully in unison. Yes, you will have to at times give way to your partners demands, but most of the time you’ll want the same thing, so it won’t be hard when it comes to that. But it’s simply not as cut and dry as opposites attract because in that sense you will constantly be butting heads working towards opposite goals, opposite wants and opposite needs.

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