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Blowing It Scenario #6-Doctors And The U.S. Gymnastics Team Blew It

How Doctors Are Failing Us. Exposed Through The Lens Of The U.S. Gymnastics Team.

It recently came out that the women’s U.S. gymnastics team doctor has been molesting the team for years. Hundreds of poor innocent children, girls who couldn’t know any better. Girls who just wanted to become the best in the world at the sport, were fully taken advantage of, and it’s a failure of society at every level.

This is a failure of executive power, of those who are deemed to be in control, those who are in charge. We see it happen throughout upper management in businesses all over the globe. Pure selfish abuse of power. In this case specifically it was those at the U.S. Gymnastics Association. To turn a blind eye for years, to brush under the rug any inking of a pedophile on staff. Even one that has such a close intimate job, as a doctor would. Another position of power that can be easy abused.

This is a failure of a sick doctor who used his position of power to manipulate young women. It’s also a failure of us. To treat doctors with such trust and faith. To place them on a pedestal as if their word was gospel. We believe that they always have our best interest at heart. Yet when we don’t question their actions, things slip through the cracks. We have scandals like this. Opioid epidemics, where I’m sure these, “well intention-ed doctors” had their patients best interest in mind. When they were doling out those oxy pills like candy. They couldn’t have possibly wanted to make more money or have been influenced in anyway by drug makers. Another system we put far too much faith in. So we end up with endless illness, doctors that just treat the symptoms and not the underlying health issue. Doctors that blatantly abuse their position of power and at the worst end of the spectrum, wrongful deaths at the hand of doctors. That again get swept under by the powers that be. They can’t possibly risk a lawsuit. Plus doctors are infallible, or at least that’s what we’re lead to believe.

Lastly this is a failure of society as a whole. To just now open the conversation about these abuses of power. How does such a high profile doctor become the most prolific child molester without anyone being none the wiser? Why wasn’t he imprisoned after the first time a child came forward. Or was it our failure to provide a safe place? Did we create, or contribute to a system in which the abused were just too afraid to come forward for fear of persecution. The answer is yes. We are making progress, but we’re still a long ways away.

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