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The Dangers Of Energy Drinks #208.

energy drinks

We Should All Probably Avoid Energy Drinks.

The health risks are high with this very popular, very common beverage. There should be warning labels on energy drinks. Drink at your own risk, can cause untimely immediate death.

Energy Drinks
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Hospitals have seen an increase in younger patients with all kinds of life threatening ailments. Due to elevated levels of sugar and caffeine in these drinks. It only takes one energy drink to throw your heart out of rhythm causing arrhythmia. And with that interference it can send you into cardiac arrest or stroke. Which can often lead to death.

American Heart Association Findings

Even the American Heart Association found that caffeinated energy drinks. Altered the electrical activity of the heart and raised blood pressure. Not only do they contain high levels of caffeine. Many also contain Guarana which breaks down into it’s own form of caffeine in the body. As well as Taurine which has been known to cause brain damage in rats.

Beware Of The Many Dangers Of Energy Drinks.

Getting an increase in unnatural supply of any chemical is going to have adverse affects upon the body. Know the dangers and know that it only takes one drink to throw your heart out of whack. I highly recommend avoiding them at all cost and would suggest finding a healthy all natural alternative. Drink natural fresh made organic fruit or vegetable juices or have tea and if tea isn’t enough try coffee. But again limit yourself, you don’t want your body to become dependent. Lastly get good sleep so you don’t even need energy drinks.

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