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NFL Referees Continuing To Decide Major Games #178.

Referees blown call

At What Point Do We Allow Technology Take Over For These Highly Flawed Referees?

Over the weekend the Saints lost to the Los Angeles Rams. But the saints should have won that game. But a blown call by the referees gave the Rams an opportunity to go on to the Superbowl. With under two minutes left in the game. With the saints in scoring position near the 10-yard line. Quarterback Drew Brees threw a pass to his young receiver. And while the ball was still in the air. The Rams defender hit the saints receiver helmet-to-helmet before the ball even got to its Target. A blatant pass interference call that was missed as well as a blatant helmet-to-helmet call that was also missed.

Essentially, had it been called, would have put the saints on the 1-yard line. With a first down giving them the ability to kneel out the clock and kick the game-winning field goal. However, it went uncalled. And the saints had to kick a field goal with nearly two minutes remaining on the clock. Plenty of time for the Rams to drive it down the field. And score a game-tying field goal to send it to overtime. Then in overtime again kicking a field goal to win the game. Now saints fans are filing lawsuits in order to get the game replayed. As well as fans signing petitions for the same thing.

Referees Choosing The Winners And Losers Of The Games.


How many times do we have to complain about referees fixing games before we fix the problem of the referees? It makes me want to boycott the sport, boycott the super bowl. They’re ruining the game playing favorites. Yet year after year big time games are decided by lousy calls. We have the technology. Heck even just the average Joe watching the game from his couch. could make better judgement calls. Then most refs who are hired and paid. Sadly it continues to happen and it ruins the sport.

Hopefully the NFL, NBA, MLB, all major league sports. Will start to implement more technologically sound ways to catch obvious calls as well. As obvious plays that shouldn’t be called as fouls. As a fan of sports. It is all so very frustrating to watch games decided by refs and not by the teams playing the sport. Change is due and I feel its in the air.

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