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Failing To Understand Failure And Success Follow The Same Principles #172.


Cut From The Same Cloth Both Success and Failure Start Slow Than Come All At Once.

The key is paying attention to the consistent micro actions you are participating in. Is it one of future failure or one of future success? Each action builds over time till one day you become exactly what your actions dictated. Do you look at your significant other lovingly or with scorn and annoyance? Do you feel they are a burden or an asset?

Small Actions

Small actions will show through no matter how you hide your feelings. Do you work everyday to improve your station in life or are you living paycheck to paycheck. Do you spend frivolously or do you spend conservatively? Each minor purchase is a tell tale sign of where your finances will be.

Do you pass on the veggies and go straight for refined starches or do you workout daily and cut out junk food? We’re all skinny until one day we’re all of a sudden fat, over weight and lethargic.

It All Adds Up.

Or some of us might be overweight till one day we have others commenting on how fit we look. None of it happens over night. Success is a long process of small decisions and actions. A slow simmer before the boil.

Trust me the simplest acts are always adding up. You may believe an action isn’t anything other than a passing moment of time with no consequence. This line of thinking can cost you dearly.

Micro Adjustments

If you neglect to focus on or fail to see that your glance, your remark, your body language is all playing into a bigger picture. Than you will be blindsided when your house of cards comes crumbling down. But if you pay attention and course correct early on, at the onset of slightest misstep. Those micro adjustments can have major ramifications over time and distance. If you’re off one degree over the span of the earth you will miss your destination by hundreds if not thousands of miles. That is why we must always course correct. Mistakes as well as successes compound over time.

How Did We Get Here?

We are exactly where we are because we put ourselves there. No amount of wants or desires will show through without a equal level of actions that put you in that life scenario. You may say you want something but your actions might betray that desire.

No one ever says I want to be poor, I want to be divorced, I want to be in prison. Yet I guarantee if you trace back all the individuals who are where they want to be or not where they want to be. With every single one of them you will find a well trodden path to that destination. Their very own perfect trail of actions that led them down that road. They may not even see it for themselves. You might have to uncover a few bushes or hidden shrubbery. But clear as day you will find the path.

Carve your own path to success.
Carve your own path to success.

Proper Actions.

Just keep etching your trail towards the better, make adjustments along the way. Ask for directions when you need to. Your partner and those closest to you are best suited to tell you where you might need to make adjustments. But when you look back at your accomplishments you’ll know it was a slow process getting there than all of a sudden one day you were there.

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