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Performance Anxiety #221

Performance Anxiety

Some People Are More Self Conscious Than Others And Deal With An Unrelenting Inner Voice. Which Creates A Mental Struggle Empowering Performance Anxiety.

This can happen in any setting. Public speaking, sexually, conversationally. It happens in sports all the time. Performance anxiety is more about the discomfort of the situation and the pressure put on oneself to be at their utmost best, rather than it being about the outcome. The outcome is just a byproduct of the former. Sure you may stutter in your speech. Or in sexual situations you not be able to perform like the dynamo you wish yourself to be or at all. In sport you may have an enormous lead that is squandered because you got deep into your head.

It’s Not About You, It’s About The Environment You Create.

Performance Anxiety
Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh on Unsplash

Maybe you have witnessed someone have performance anxiety. Did you create a more toxic unwelcoming environment? One where you cast blame and shame the other person for not being their best? Did you guilt the other person with some outside culprit that may have no baring on the situation? Just to make yourself feel better.

Or did you create a calm welcoming environment one of acceptance and peace? One in which the outcome matters not. Sure you want a certain outcome. All parties involved want the best possible outcome. But when dealing with someone that has retreated into their head. You need to release expectancy of that outcome, in order to get back into the present. You need to create an environment of comfort, forgiveness and gratitude for the effort at hand. Be thankful just for time this person has given you.

This Goes For All Anxiety Not Just Performance Anxiety.

Never press an anxious person to stop being anxious. Don’t ever chastise or condemn them. Never assume what is causing the anxiety. Just simply find an environment that is best suited for their needs in the moment. Maybe change the subject to a more relaxed free flowing one. Sometime simply just being with them helps. Give comforting touch if they need it and it helps. Move locations, get outside. Offer to try again later with no pressure. In sports they might take a time out or give the player the night off. Something about the stress of the situation is getting to them. Take the pressure off.

It’s all about assisting in quieting that inner voice so the outer performance can come through beautifully. Some need assistance getting there. Be the creator of the positive environments. If anxiety is happening near you often you are creating tension around your environment. Change that environment.

Not Allowing Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports #132.

Performance Enhancing Drugs

Make Sports Great Again. With Performance Enhancing Drugs.

All athletes should be able to take performance enhancing drugs. Just require them to disclose which ones they use.

Performance Enhancing Drugs

If you are of the, “purest, that’s cheating in sports” camp. Than I have news for you. There is just about absolutely no original purity left in any sport. Performances are constantly being enhanced in every aspect of the game. Every year, every professional athlete, and every sporting good manufacturer. Are all out there finding new ways to edge out their competitors.

They Work Every Single Angle To Enhance Their Performance.

Better equipment, better training regiments, better technology, better statistics, better supplements, better nutrition. It all adds up. Not to mention everyone’s body chemistry is different. So one player who has more natural testosterone than another maybe able to train harder. One may have a higher IQ. Another better agility and flexibility. Some things in nature are just luck of the draw.

On Top Of That How Much More Advanced Is The Equipment These Players Use Today Than They Did Ten, Twenty, Fifty Years Ago?

Light years differences in some instances. Tennis rackets, bicycles, golf clubs, footwear, gloves, clothing, feedback monitors. The list keeps growing. Football players now use performance enhancing gloves that stick like glue to the football. Where as a player getting tackled, can still catch a ball one handed and with three fingers.

Better footwear for runners, and all sports for that matter. Along with better fabrics with less resistance. Better wicking technology, which leads to better suits for swimmers. Technology has improved in other areas such as lighter rackets for tennis players. And lighter bicycles for riders. Even better training equipment.

We’re constantly enhancing every area. Why punish a player for attempting to enhance their body unnaturally. Sure it’s with unnatural chemicals. But so are current hydration methods. Most popular beverages for athletes are filled with unnatural chemicals.

If We Want To Be Purest.

We should require all players to only drink water, only use cotton clothing, flat shoes, limited padding, maybe go back to leather helmets, or none at all. All sports golf and baseball included can use only solid heavy wood equipment. And we can go back to kicking pig blatters.

The point is everything evolves, including sports. It’s more entertaining to watch apex elite athletes get even better than what the human body is usually capable of. Maybe that’s just me but I believe performance enhancing drugs should be available to all players who are willing to take that risk to improve that much more.