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Purchasing A Peloton Or It’s Stock #223.


For The Price Of A Used Vehicle You Can Own A Peloton Stationary Bicycle.

Never did I think I would see the day where someone would attach a tablet to a stationary bike then charge to watch Youtube bicycle training videos. But here we are. And the total cost for such an apparatus. Anywhere between $2200 and $4000. It’s $4000 if you want to walk in place on a treadmill while watching your tablet. Add in another $39 per month if you want access to your videos. Now this company has gone public and Peloton is worth over a billion dollars somehow.

This Is Ludicrous.

I’ll save about $2090 plus monthly membership fees right now. First, head down to your local thrift store and purchase one of the many discarded stationary bicycles they have on hand. Usually for around $10. Because nearly everyone that buys one of these things eventually just gives it away, or it sits collecting dust.

Then hop on the internet or go to an electronics store and buy a cheap $100 tablet. Lastly look up free Youtube videos of bike rides, walks, or workouts. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish.

And their you have it, you just saved a couple thousand on what would eventually end up as junk anyway. And here’s the beauty, you can take that tablet anywhere. It’s versatile, it’s not screwed to a bike that never moves forward.

Another Alternative

Is don’t buy any of it. If you already have a gym membership. Which is usually less than what Peloton charges to watch their videos. Than just use their equipment and never have to own any of it.

Lastly And This Might Be The Craziest Idea Of All.

Photo by Timotheus Fröbel on Unsplash

Get yourself a real freaking bike and go outside and ride it. I know the thought of getting outside in nature and actually riding a bike that has two wheels and propels you towards a destination can be scary. But think of the alternative. You could be stuck at home, peddling your feet and watching a screen on a $2000 appliance that never goes anywhere.

Either way Peloton is doing something right, because I’m sitting here writing critiques. While they’re making millions and are valued in the billions. So if you want one and you have the money to throw at it. By all means do it. Just remember when it begins to collect dust, I gave you an alternative.