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Buying Into And Paying For High Priced Training’s To Make Money #174.

If You’re Paying Someone Else Anything More Than The Cost Of A Book. To Learn How To Make Money. Than You Will Be The One Losing Money. While You’re Providing Profit To The Huckster Selling You The Program.

Almost all the information is out there for free online. No money needed, no paying anyone anything. Just do a quick YouTube search and you can learn how to repair your car, make home improvements, build websites, sell online. You name it you can find it free online or in a book store. The information is endless and right at your fingertips.

No Paying With Free Books From The Library

If you can not find it free it should cost you nothing more than the price of a book to get the information you need. And even with that method most libraries contain the books need for free.

Yet many are getting rich off telling people they can help them make money. If they just pay for their online courses. There is a deluge of people online touting they can help you make excellent money selling on Amazon just committing a few hours a day tops.

Many of these course range in the thousands to tens of thousands to participate in and many of these companies are under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission due to their fraudulent claims, customer complaints, and with many customers losing their life savings in the process.

What Are Some Solutions?

As hopeful as we may be about a program that can teach us to make thousands, if not millions. We have to look in ourselves and ask are we just to lazy to do the ground work ourselves? That is not to say that guidance isn’t necessary. Find a mentor if possible. But if we all receive the same guidance the path becomes well worn. Easy to navigate but as the population continues to grow that path increasingly erodes, And our returns are consistently diminished.

Making Money Online

You have to find what works for you and sometimes that requires trail and error. Minimize error by not committing all your savings to one product or class or service. Unless you are absolutely certain you will see it all the way through to fruition or worst case scenario, have a cut off point for if you don’t make it. Diversify your education and your creations. Just remember education should not cost thousands. It’s out there and it’s mostly free.

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