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Employers Dictating What You Do Outside Of Work. #222


Employers Don’t Own Us. So What We Do Outside Of Work Should Have No Bearing On Our Employment.

Yet a lot of employers like to treat you as if they own you. And a lot of industries set up rules as if they own you. Not only for the time that you put in at work but also when you clock out.

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

There is no better example of this then in sports where your employer is actually called the owner. And the owners write the rules and make player conduct policies that reach deep into the personal lives of each player. It’s all about creating a system where the people they own contractually. Not ever giving them a bad name or representing their product in a negative light. But a lot of it infringes on the personal lives of these players and employees.

What people do outside of their job should be their business and their business alone. No boss, owner, or manager should have any right to dictate what is done outside of those premises or outside the job at hand.

Whatever you want to legally do outside of work, should have no repercussions within in your job. Also if employers are looking into the personal lives of employees it crosses so many boundaries and should be illegal. Something liken to spying or peeping.

I think more laws should be in too protect people from this invasion of privacy. But for now do what you want legally outside of work and if you’re employer fires you for it. Make sure you make a big scene about it.