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When Bad Movies Break Records, That Doesn’t Mean You Have a Success. It Means You Have a Content Failure #196.

Bad Movies Are Breaking Viewership Records On Netflix.

Recently Netflix released another gem from Adam Sandler. Sometimes the man can hit his movies out of the ball park and sometimes its just another strike out. I do have the utmost respect for the man. He keeps creating and we keep buying. He is a very talented doer and has stayed relevant for nearly 30 years.

Adam Sandler Movies
Adam Sandler On Netflix

However this newest Sandler installment staring himself along side Jennifer Aniston might be one of those strike outs. The story line is way over the top and grossly reaching for humor. The movie is called “Murder Mystery” and to me its no mystery why this movie is breaking records on Netflix.

Have We Ran Short On Things To Watch?

People have simply ran out of quality programs to watch on the platform. That when something as bad as “Murder Mystery” comes out, almost all Netflix subscribers will waste the two hours to watch it for the sure fact that the rest of Netflix content isn’t good enough to detour our television watching escapism to that of superior programming.

Changes To Be Made.

It’s not all on Netflix either, we the viewing public will devour a great show in the matter of days with binge watching marathons. And once we’re finished we’re left with the hangover of longing for what’s next. Maybe what Netflix could do is release just four episodes of a new show right of the bat, because that’s roughly how long it takes to really get into a new show. Than go old school and release a new episode once a week for the next 6 to 10 episode. It would keep people coming back and excited for the next release. Also it would delay gratification which is a lesson we could all use a little more of in this age of instant everything.

Lessons From The Sandman.

It’s a lesson for all of us, follow in Adams footsteps, be a creator, you will find an audience. Also watch less television, I could adhere to this better myself. Lastly if you are in search, find better content, and if you can’t maybe spend that time that you would waste on bad movies more wisely.

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