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Glorifying Fame To The Point Of Turning A Blind Eye To Criminal Activity. Michael Jackson Was A Predator #185.

Michael Jackson

We All Knew Michael Jackson Had Mental Issues, It Was Written On His Face. And We All Knew He Was A Predator, It Was Written In His Actions.

Take the weak, the poor, the youthful ignorance, those who hero worship, and then abuse them because they have no power to contest those claims. That’s what Michael Jackson did. Than take the successful children of entertainment put them under your wing and help them navigate fame, never abuse those with power and you’ll turn those children into your evangelist. Singing your praises. And those will be the voices heard. Than if ever someone comes forward with abuse allegations pay a kings ransom to keep that voice silent. Till you pass one day and no one can keep up with the ransom or the lie.

Michael Jackson
Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Abused Children Finally Coming Forward.

I think it’s great that these people are finally allowed to come forward. Even though they still face a heavy head wind from the worshipers. Those who would rather remain blind and ignorant, can’t silence the truth.

The man was a bold face liar. Asked if he ever had plastic surgery he would deny it. Ask if he ever abused children, he’d say no that’s ridiculous. It’s really a sad tale. A child of abuse often continues the abuse. Maybe not in the same methods that they were abused in but it happens often. It’s never an excuse and the cycle must be broken. Sadly Michael Jackson never had a normal childhood or normal life. He was raised on a pedestal and clearly abused that power. I’m sure he suffered thoroughly throughout that life but it is never an excuse to prey upon children. The truth is finally set free for the world to judge it just took far too long to get there.

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