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Legality Of Soliciting Sex #184.

Sex Workers

Is Paying For Sex A Morality Law Or Is It A Financial Law?

Early this week it was discovered that Robert Kraft the owner of the New England Patriots allegedly engaged and paid for sex acts at an illegal prostitution spa in Florida. Part of a month long investigation led by the police. They caught him on video tape engaging in these acts. Now if were him I would take full ownership of my actions. I’d tell the world yes I did it, I’m a 77 year old widower who doesn’t have much time left on Earth I have a lot of money, which means most of my relationships are superficial. I just want the comfort of a woman without her wanting anything more from me. I don’t condone his actions but I do question why they have to be illegal.

Sex Worker
Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

People Need Touch.

It is my hope that it is a law designed to help people. Maybe save them from their own moral failings, if you can even call it that. I’m not sure soliciting sex is a failing. Just society deems it so. People need love, intimacy, connection, and touch. Some don’t come across that as easily as others. So what is the problem if they come across a fabricated sense of those things. And so what if they have pay for it to achieve it. Some maybe handicapped in some way, be it age, body or mind, that keeps them from expericing another or even joining the dating pool. Why can’t they pay for what they can’t achieve through honest effort?

Dates Cost Money.

No matter what people have to pay for dates in order to woo the opposite sex. How are these “gifts” any different, if at the end of the date you receive pleasure in the form of physical touch?

There is a flip side to all of it, the safety and well being of the sex workers themselves. You could claim that is what the law is there to protect them. Not concerned just with the hidden transactions which circumvent the government.

Why Not Legalize It?

However anything illegal is only going to attract criminals. They will run the industry while workers get exploited. You have desperate individuals easily manipulated by these criminals to be forced into sex traffic. However with a well regulated industry operating by the books you would put an end to the criminal activity and only licensed practitioners would essentially be allowed to operate. And just like what happened with the marijuana industry. Criminal enterprises would falter. Criminals find it difficult to operate or grow when you take away their best weapon, legality. All in all it should a choice from both sides if you want to participate in these activities or not, free from lawful intervention.

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