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Blowing It Scenario #2-Star Wars (many will disagree)

The Ways In Which Star Wars Blew It.

(spoilers) Recently I went to see the newest film in the Star Wars franchise. The Last Jedi. Albeit a pretty good movie but to me it failed for one specific reason. Before that I must tell a little back story. The original Star Wars Trilogy was created a few years before I was born but never the less it was the movies I was raised on. As close to a perfect trilogy of movies as one could get. Fast forward a couple years and Lucas Films releases the “Prequel” movies. I won’t go into too much of a rant on those but they definitely a diminished brand in my humble opinion. Especially the fact that the films looked to be a hundred years into the future but were based in the past. Also they introduced us to a very obnoxious and very prevalent character named Jar Jar Binks . Need I say more. Everyone’s a critic, including myself and I digress. I could not produce a film right now 1/64th the quality of those films. George Lucas was a producer and built a magnificent franchise that has stood the test of time. Proof of quality is echoed in the 4 billion Disney paid for Lucas Films.

Disney has now gone on to take the franchise into the stratosphere. And I hope they never slow down or cease to make Star Wars movies. However back to my original argument. As I was saying before, I was raised on the originals and in the original films their was a character named Luke Skywalker. A harbinger of good to bring balance back to the force. Probably the most iconic character of the films other then Darth Vader. Disney had so many avenues to travel on Luke’s story line when they reintroduced him in the newest films. And the character arch they chose was grizzled old man? Essentially robbing us of the many good years he dedicated to the force and towards teaching others. I feel like they might as well gave him a rocking chair and a shot gun while he yells at Rey to get off his lawn. I’m sure Disney will rectify this in an origin film. However in the meantime, that was a major failure for me and it left a sour taste in my mouth. One I needed to write out. My opinion is probably one not many will share. That’s good, we won’t always agree and the movies aren’t made specifically for me. Either way, I probably won’t ever stop watching as long as they continue to produce Star Wars movies and I do look forward to seeing “Solo .”

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