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The Keto Diet #158.


I Do In Fact Believe Keto Is One Of The Best Ways To Lose Weight, But We Should Always Counter That With A Question. Is This Even A Healthy Way To Lose? Skinny Does Not Necessarily Mean Optimal Health?

How many different ways can we label this diet of high fats, high protein and low in carbohydrates? Atkins, Keto, Bulletproof, Paleo. Sure I’m over generalizing these diets, they all have there own slight variations and gimmicks but in essence that is the protocol.

They are all similar renditions of the same process. The fact that the last one is literally a reference to the paleolithic man, cavemen, is beside me. Someone had the notion to take the dietary struggles of a caveman. Figured history showed they would not gain fat and only have lean muscle due to there general diet and physical activity. And then deduced this to be the optimal method for weight loss. A diet is so easy even a, well you know the rest of that slogan. Have we ever stopped to think cavemen had an incredibly short life expectancy and didn’t live much past their early to mid thirties. Could that possibly have something to do with diet?

Short Life Expectancy

I’m no dietitian but I think it’s safe to assume. What we put into our bodies can be both the thing that hurts us and causes short life expectancy. Or the thing that helps and heals us and gives us health and vitality late into life. Let food be thy medicine is such a true statement. It could be countered by let food be thy illness creator. The choice is completely up to you.

Optimal Human pH Level.

Science and research show a diet high in animal protein like keto, greatly increases the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes you name it. The optimal pH of the human body is slightly alkaline 7.35 to be exact. When we eat animal proteins, beef, poultry, dairy, cheese, you name it, these proteins greatly increase the acidity in our blood lowering our pH which than becomes an optimal breeding ground for disease.

Photo by Paul Hermann on Unsplash

Add to those animal products massive doses of antibiotics (which kills parts of your gut biome when ingested) that these animals need because how they live is another provider of disease. Then contaminate that meat with toxic levels of adrenaline. That’s what is released into there blood stream when they reach the slaughter house. And you have a recipe for disaster.

The Biggest Loser.

Yet we judge everything by outside beauty not realizing till it’s too late, that we rot from the inside out. The exterior is the last to show signs. Bob Harper of NBC’s biggest loser was the model of health and fitness. And he went into cardiac arrest at 50 and had to be shocked back to life. Upon further inspection they found heredity gave him too much lipoproteins in his blood stream. Did you hear that? Too much proteins.

I don’t know his specific diet at the time. I’m willing to bet it was very high in animal proteins. Similar to keto protocol. Which probably only exacerbated his levels of proteins, lowering his blood pH and causing heart palpitations till it one day it misfired. I’m no doctor but you can see these patterns throughout the healthcare system. Bob is a great example but many who strive for the perfect physique don’t always get so lucky. They are struck down by hidden illnesses they couldn’t see coming.

The China Study.

There was a 30 year study done by the senior health official in China (read The China Study). One of the most extensive in history. Where they documented every Chinese citizens health and diet every year. It was on a massive scale. And what they found was as those communities introduced more animal proteins into there diet. The instances of heart disease and cancer grew exponentially. Upon further study. They found those proteins actively turn on cancer cursors. When meat was removed from the diet those precursors subsided.

Standard American Diet.

As our Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) grows in popularity around the world so does the health care juggernaut. Sadly we partake in this diet more than any other because of cost and convenience and flavor enhancements that entice our brains to want more of it. It is by far the most detrimental to health. Keto is far superior than this diet but still misses the mark on optimal health.

Ideal Nutrition.

In an ideal situation we would get most, if not all, of our nutrients from living foods. Raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Do not fear the carbohydrates of fruits they are good for you. However in our current environment this is by far the hardest to stick to but we could all benefit by taking baby steps towards introducing it into our diet more and more. Your body will thank you and will reward you with pain free, disease free longevity.

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