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States That Don’t Allow Alternatives To Burial Or Cremation #194.

Washington state became the first state to legally allow human composting as a burial option. All states should follow suit.

From the earth we begin, back to the soil we shall end. It’s nature’s way yet we infringe upon that right. We over stepped our bounds and bastardized the natural process. Who thought the best option would be to embalm a body with formaldehyde in order to be a show piece as your last visual representation on earth? Your life less body is pumped full of toxic fluid, than you’re stuffed into a wooden or metal box and put into a hole six feet underground to serve no purpose beyond a burial site that acts as a memorial for friends and family to mourn over.

Burial site
1000 year old burial site, Rock of Cashel

Ideally you are at least an organ donor and there was a purpose for parts of you, to help save the lives of others so they may survive. But what about the bulk of you? Wouldn’t you rather fertilize the earth with soil of your flesh? Now filled with beneficial microorganisms after the composting that can continue to help vegetation grow. To “live” on within a tree or a flower, within the fruits and vegetables that feed other organisms. Wouldn’t that be a gift to leave behind.

Just Give Us More Burial Options

Even if you don’t want that option you should have the right to choose. Yet only one state give you that right, Washington state. Other states may have other options. You can dawn a fungus body suit where your body becomes the medium for which mushroom can grow on and fed off of as your body decomposes. Heck you should have the option to have a viking burial if you so choose. Who got to decide on our limited choices of what they do with our bodies when we die? That is the bodies owner’s choice and what they decide should be honored, as long as it does not infringe on others.

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