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Don’t Put Your Feet Up On A French Train #193.

If you forgot to read the French etiquette handbook (doesn’t exist, to my knowledge) I will enlighten you on an offense that incurs a monetary fine.

Picture riding through the gorgeous French country side. The gentle repetitive sound of your train chugging along the tracks, carrying you to your next destination. Legs weary and feet tired from the over exertion you have placed upon them to sight see through this beautiful country. As the train hums along half full of other peaceful travelers.

Paris, France

In the moment, you decide those tired and weary feet could use a break and since no one is sitting across from you, you think to yourself, my feet are clean let’s kick them up for a bit on this enjoyable ride. Possibly slightly rebelling against common decency in that decision.

Not too long after you get yourself into maximum comfort, your ride becomes interrupted by four train security guards demanding payment of 50 Euros for breaking train rules by placing your feet where they lay. Immediately you begin to look around for some confirmation that rules were clearly posted because you after all you are a foreigner and a guest in their country and the last thing you want to do is break the rules. But to your surprise, no rules are posted anywhere, no signs exclaiming immediate fines for lounging.

The Cost To Put Your Feet Up On A French Train

Quickly you are left with 50 euro less in your bank account, only to wonder how would I ever know that this is a punishable offense. Common sense may tell you that you should have never put your feet up in the first place. While your craving for comfort may at times override this with opposite urges. You never think it would bestow such a hefty fine upon you. But take my word for it, it does and now you know too future travelers. Keep your feet on the floor while on the trains and avoid the wrath of the train security guards.

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