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Believing Toothpaste To Be Harmless #157.


Pop Quiz. What Is The Household Item That We Willingly Put In Our Mouths Twice A Day That Has A Warning To Call Poison Control If Ingested On It?

One more hint in case you missed it. Children often accidentally swallow and ingest it. Still haven’t guessed it? Well it is your beloved toothpaste. That trusty tube filled with a tasty froathy mint flavored treat, that we unwittingly clean our teeth haplessly with everyday. Yes, that very same tube with it’s chemical contents is consider poisonous.

It is literally printed right on the side of it. Right there on the box and the tube the warning states. If you swallow more then used for brushing seek professional help or contact poison control immediately. And what is the recommended dosage? Its a pea size amount, in order to limit exposure.

Why would we put something so detrimental to our health in such close proximity to our mouths. Not just close but actually in our mouths. To add to the issues most children don’t have the capabilities to spit properly in order to fully remove that apparent toxic waste from there mouths. Providing a consistent onslaught of daily ingestion.

What Is The Answer?

Well you could buy toothpaste without all the chemicals and florides or use baking soda. The American dental association might disagree with this approach. But if they do, we have to question what do they have to gain by requiring us to put something classified as poison into our mouths.

Secondly too much exposure to fluoride causes fluorosis which is a chronic condition caused by excessive intake of fluorine compounds, marked by mottling of the teeth and if severe, calcification of the ligaments. Mottling of teeth, is that not insane? The very thing used to clean your teeth is the same thing that can destroy them.

Yet we brush on in our ignorant bliss. Believing this action couldn’t possibly do any harm. I believe we should question the items we use everyday, especially that of which we put into our mouths.

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