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Blowing it Scenario #8-World Economic Forum

It’s A Failure To Have A Few Wealthy Individuals Wax Intellectual About Economics Without Hearing The Plight Of The Common Man.

Every year the top business people and those in banking and government get together in Davos, Switzerland to discuss the economics of the day. I do believe in some form or another that it is very necessary to discuss such issues. Cooperation between world powers is essential for peace. One of the crucial elements I do believe they often miss, is the will of the people. I could be wrong. How am I to know exactly what is discussed. I have yet to be  invited to such events.

However when the media discusses the world economic forum. They discuss the future plans, and it usually involves ideas to throw more money at this issue or that issue. The major failure of this increased money supply that the wealthy most likely understand but do it anyway.  More money complicates matters for those with less of it, but it enriches when you hold all the cards. In Pareto’s Law it describes this economic principle, that 80% of the wealth will be in the hands of only 20% of the masses. Sometimes the numbers are skewed heavier in one favor then the other but they theory holds up across all industries. So when an abundance of money flows to a particular area of the economy. By law 80% of that money will flow to 20% of that particular industry. And when you have those 20% dictating where that money will be spent, it creates a self serving world economy where the wealthy will never part with any of there share.  And the less fortunate receive less and less, if anything at all. It seems the outsider looking in that the goal of this event is to gain more for those few.

In order to keep up those 20% individuals and businesses, who have 80% of the wealth (it’s probably now closer to 90/10 now). The everyday working class citizen must borrow more and more just to keep up with the rising sea of money that flows in to every area of life. Rent increases, gas price increases, food cost increases, mortgage increases and on and on. And speaking of mortgage increases, the wealthy beyond there wildest dream banks, who almost collapsed the economy with their risky bets. Banks now make you pay their insurance bill, on the money they risked to loan you, for your house mortgage. They literally make you pay there insurance bill. Which insurance is just another investment arm, so they take that money and pump it back into industries they want to grow. And the cycle continues, enriching a few and perpetually increasing the cost of goods and living expenses. Mind you when you pay your banks insurance bill, that doesn’t go to paying down the principle on the house you “own” or raising your station in life. That is just money you willing give to the bank to because you have to foot the bill for there risky past failures. So I guess the lesson here again is, either get rich or hope that elite class starts letting you into the party. I believe the former will be far easier then the latter.

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