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Fighting Fire With Fire #152.

Fighting Fire With Fire

Sometimes It’s Just Crazy Enough To Work. Other Times You Just End Up With A Bigger Fire.

Fighting Fire with Fire

We use this fire method all the time, from flu shots to hair of the dog. We’ll use what causes the problem, to fix the problem. And just as insane as using dog hair to put in a wound of a dog bite. So are our many other remedies.

The Drinker.

Will use more alcohol in order to avoid the dreaded hangover but in the end will be left with a much worse one.

The Drug Addict.

A different drug to kick the habit of the other. Which often leads to a new addiction. Or worse yet they’ll need the lifesaving benefits of a drug in order to stop the overdose of another drug.

Flu Shot.

Those that worry of getting sick will use a mild dose of the flu in order to try to avoid getting the flu.

The Smoker.

Cigarette smokers might try to quit smoking with the aid of the same addictive substance taht got them hooked in the first place. Nicotine in different forms. Maybe they’ll use water vapor with the same chemicals maybe a patch or gum.


We’ll attempt to pay off debt with more debt.

We’ll try to talk our way out of bad situations our mouth got us into. Which is more often than not the only way out of those situations but hopefully we just don’t start that fire in the first place.

In The Name Of Safety

Recently they passed a law in my home state that requires all construction companies to not release any silica into the air. Because silica is known carcingen. Silica dust is natural and usually fairly abundant everywhere on new construction sites. And in order to clean it up the state requires you to use a sweeping compound to sweep up this dust.

However on these sweeping compounds which are unnatural and carry a large warning label on the box that says this product may cause cancer.

Now those worker get the pleasure of interacting with two known carcinogens. Fire on fire in the name of “safety,” but  probably more accurately in the name of profits.

So Why Is It We Use These Methods?

Well it’s because every so often they actual work. And just like a well fought forest fire, with perfect placement and timing you can stop the encroaching fire and all its impending destruction with more fire. In order to fight fire with fire you need to have a well coordinated plan of attack. You need to know the consequences of that action and you need to use it in the right place at the right time. Just remember a poorly placed uncontrolled fire will only expand your already burning one.

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