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Believing Money Is The Root Of All Evil #150.


Believing Money Is The Root Of All Evil Is The Battle Cry Of The Misinformed And Often Less Fortunate.

Photo by Vladimir Solomyani on Unsplash

This is one of the major lies we continue tell ourselves that has become so prevalent throughout society. We all know the phrase, many of us believe it to be some form of wise ancient wisdom. Knowledge handed down through the years to give comfort to those who chose not to pursue higher ambitions because they believe the words to be true. Its a reason to shun money from our existence. We are not evil people so why would we want to attract money. It’s a poor notion held by poor people. It’s also a completely misinterpreted saying.

The real quote is “the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” First off it refers to the love of money, not money itself.  Than it mentions it as a root, not the root. Lastly its saying this can lead to forms of evil. If you love money deeply and covet it immensely you may go to nefarious lengths in order to obtain it. And that may be a kind of evil deed. If you cheat steal lie or hurt others to acquire it, you are the evil this quote speaks of. But this has a completely different meaning then generalizing all money to be the root of all evil and those who have it are evil doers.

As Mark Twain Said Lack Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil.

Money has helped far more people than poverty ever could. Many who have it, made it by creating a better world for all of us to enjoy.

Money Is Simply A Thank You For Product Or Service.

When we pay for something we’re saying thank you with our money to the producers of products and services. They may have created something for us to enjoy or a necessity we must have. And these producers profit from our need. It’s a symbiotic relationship that is not only healthy it’s a good deed towards humanity.

Money is not evil, people who go after it with the cruelest intentions are evil. People and there misguided evil choices are what give money an evil name. But it’s also people who do amazing good with the money they acquire by helping the masses.

Help Millions, You Will Make Millions

We should all be in pursuit to help others and when we help enough, the money will follow. Never believe this new income makes you evil. Continue to do more, to help more and you’ll obtain more. And when you achieve more always remember that financial growth is simply a thank you.

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