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Big Pharma Disinformation Campaigns, Funding Denial Studies #206.


Businesses Like Big Pharma Uses This Tactic All The Time To Derail Opposition And Insure The Bottom Line. At The Expense Of The Individuals.

Oil companies will fund climate change denial data, Food companies will fund FDA reports with misinformation. Chemical companies will deny adverse health effects upon ecology and biology. And pharma companies will use case studies to deter you from using any product outside of what they’re selling. Especially if it comes from a natural easy to afford source.

Big Pharma Studies.

A study recently came out in a pharmacological journal. Notice the word pharma in there? Do you think they might be in support of a natural herbal remedy? They’re probably going to have ulterior motives. The article talked of the dangers of Kratom. An opioid alternative, that has helped innumerous amounts of people who were once addicted to pain killers kick their dependency. And this study had the gall to list a whopping four deaths have occurred while using this herbal plant supplement. Not knowing what else could have contributed to those deaths. Only four! Hell energy drinks cause more deaths.

Opioid Deaths.

Pharma Photo

How many lives have opioids taken just in the last year alone? 71,073 according to a recent survey. Four isn’t looking half bad after all for an alternative to pain mitigation. Furthermore, people are using Kratom to kick the habit of a drug that doctors and big pharma got them hooked on in the first place. And because it’s not classified as a class of drug, pharma can’t get their dirty hands on it and it can not be regulated by the food and drug administration. People can simply buy it at their local convenience store. Helping so many and possibly taking a profit away from pharma
in the process.

What We Can Do.

We always have to question what’s there to gain by a large corporation putting out a study with misinformation. Do you think they are actually looking out for the well-being of the people? Or might there be some form of financial motive involved? If they can prove something that sways supporters to their line of thinking. Than they can control the paradigm and I believe that is always the goal. Take these studies for what they are propaganda to push their own agenda.

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