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Not Checking The Box and Moving On with Life’s Checklist #202.

Think Of Life As One Big Checklist, Each Accomplishment Is A Check. Make Your Check And Keep Moving Forward.

So why in life do most of us insist on checking the same boxes multiple times? Think of it this way, we all have this huge life checklist of all the things we want to accomplish while we’re here on earth. This checklist would have everything spouse, family, college, life’s work, inventions businesses, places to see. So since it’s so full with random goals, we have to break down this checklist into subcategories; dating/relationships, travel, employment, business, financial, etc.

Life Repeating The Past

Now as your going through your checklist so far. How often do you find yourself dating the same person just in a different skin? Or going on the exact same vacation every year? Working the same position in different industries or for different companies?

Maybe you like what you do and who you date and where you go. Maybe you’re simply a creature of habit and don’t want new experiences and just want that same routine every year. But by doing that we keep ourselves trapped in the mundane. We don’t strive for new goals. We also believe the checklist set for us by others, be it family members, or the media, is our own. So we all seem to follow a very similar path.

Moving Forward

It’s time to start saying, “screw it, I’ve been there, done that, now it’s time to move on.” If you’ve accomplished all things in a certain subcategory then push that category aside. Maybe you’ve traveled to every country in the world or you’ve checked all your boxes for dating. Move on to a different category, one with many vacant check marks where empty boxes lie.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Maybe you haven’t scratched the surface in business or your financial goals are lacking, maybe you haven’t traveled anywhere yet. Take a break from the same accomplishments and focus on new ones. You will thank yourself that you did. And if you absolutely want to repeat something, go for it, just add new variety to it.

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