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All Or Nothing #214.

All or Nothing

All Or Nothing Is A Win Big Or Lose Big Premonition. More So Landing On The Latter.

If you don’t win big, you lose big and there is no avoiding it. When you go in for all or nothing. You literally have one of two option. It’s the idea of either or. Either I win this or I lose this all.

Life shouldn’t be a game of choosing between the two. However, it’s some people’s way of coping. We will decide that if we can’t get everything we want out of a situation. We want nothing to do with that situation. Even if what we’re getting in return is still good. It’s not quite all so we’ll throw it out with the emotional garbage.

It’s the gambler junkie mentality, bet the house and hope to win. If not, we don’t go home because we just lost it to bankruptcy. I believe what would serve us best is replacing the “or” with “and.” I either get this “and” I also get that. Find a way to balance in order to can get a little bit of all and a little bit of nothing. Sure it won’t quite be all that you want but it isn’t quite nothing either.

The Finality Of It All.

The finality of all or nothing leaves you with no other options to build off of. If you can accept re-balancing, you can continue to build. Maybe it’s not quite all of what you originally wanted in the immediate. But at least you still have a foundation work around. Maybe the future house will look a little different when you finally arrive at it. But at you didn’t bulldoze it early on because it wasn’t to your exact specs.

All or nothing
Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Let’s have our cake “and” eat it too. I know now if someone ever tells me they have an all or nothing mentality. That I’m walking away and leaving that situation at the nothing. Because when you receive all you never want to return to nothing. But sometimes you end up right back where you started, with nothing. Especially if they don’t reach their all or nothing goals.

Try to be adaptable, grow with the important people in your life. Grow with your goals. Accept that some people can’t always be all that you need. But if they’re important to you, take what you can get. And who knows you might still get to where you want to be or some alternative similar. Don’t relegate people and goals to nothingness. Because when you do you diminish the effort it took to try to reach the all down to nothing.

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