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Ageism #217.


Ageism Is The Discrimination We All Seem To Be Okay With.

It almost seems like somewhat of a joke, ageism. We think we don’t discriminate against different age groups. Yet every single age group does it. Young discriminate against the old. Older generations blame millennials for destroying some of the old ways and businesses that once thrived. Opportunities are abundant at some ages, and completely closed off at others. In dating your age can be a complete handicap or the reason you succeed.

As we age we grow sharper we have more tools to utilize when it comes to problem solving. Yet we treat the older individual often with scorn. Like they don’t deserve a place at the table anymore. In our youth we have vitality, quick recovery as well as immaturity. With that immaturity comes boldness and confidence. Not many are jaded young.

Why is it we look at others differently due to their age? You might miss the love of your life a perfect companion all because they fell out of a certain age group. You may pass up the ideal job candidate because of age.

Why do some cultures celebrate age, care and look after their older citizens? While others seem to condemn and ostracize them? Why is it at some ages we get the respect we deserve? And at others people will try to walk all over you?

Maybe We’re Just Trying To Stay With Our Tribe.

Age Factors into that. Ageism might also have to do with the long held assumptions we have about aging. Yes as the body ages it sometimes begins to lose that youthful vitality. It begins to breakdown. But it doesn’t always have to in the times we assume it does. We could exercise and eat right and hold on to it longer than most.

Photo by Matthew Bennett on Unsplash

Yet that will not change the reaction of some when they hear the number of years that body has supported life on earth. We either need to let go of our hangups on age. And if we can’t do that, we should never have to disclose what our age truly is.

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