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Not Having Lucid Dreams #205.

The Art of Controlling Your Vivid Dreams.

Creating lucid dreams is somewhat of an art form. And it can help with all kinds minor mental disorders including depression and PTSD. Essentially it’s similar to what people do micro dosing psychedelics. But its all natural and anyone can do it with a little practice. It is no cure but it can open up new pathways of the mind. And take you to the most beautiful places one could ever see and it’s something only your mind can create.

Lucid dreams of New Zealand
Dream Of New Zealand

What Can You Dream Up?

Want to fly like superman? All the while hovering over lush tropical terrain, mountain valleys or incredible cityscapes one can literally only dream of? you can do that. Want to solve life problems? You can do that too, it’s a great method to teach you new ways of thinking. Just before you drift back to sleep ask for your answers. If your interested in repairing a damaged relationship say to yourself give me insight to this relationship. Often times it works and you’ll be presented with a dream where you 100 percent take the role of the other person. And you’ll get to see and feel how you treat them and how it affects them.

It’s pretty power stuff feeling the other persons emotions. Ask for answers in solving any problems. Thomas Edison used to fall asleep with a metal ball bearing in his hand and a metal plate on the floor. When he fell asleep his hand would relax and drop the weight making a loud sound and waking him. Immediately upon waking he would write all the ideas he came up with in that brief sleep period.

How To Have Lucid Dreams

So how to do this. I find the best method is the wake and move around one. Sometimes it’s not necessary to get up and move around. But it seems to be far more effective when in practice. First you will wake from your nightly sleep and get up and do some remedial task, nothing too strenuous. After a few minutes you go back to bed. Changing to a different place other then your bed also helps like a couch or recliner in another room.

Now as you try to go back to sleep you will repeat a mantra. I’ve heard numerous described so pick one that works best for you. You can say something like “I’m going to have an out of body experience.” Or “I’m going to realize I’m in a dream” you can try “mind awake, body asleep.” Just keep repeating the same sentence as you fall back asleep. Often times you’ll “awake” in your dream right where you went to sleep.

Figuring Out If It’s Lucid Dreams Or Reality

It can be hard to decipher you’re even in a dream. So, if you think you’re in a dream pick something to do that you could only do in a dream. My favorite is I walk through walls. It feels almost like walking through a thin sheet of water and not getting wet. And you will end up in a different room or outside wherever the other side of that wall lands. It works and you know for sure you’re in a dream.

Then it’s simply what you make of it. Get creative do whatever you want, it’s a blast. It’s helpful to get in touch with this part of the mind, you feel more in control of your entire world when you do. Give it a try and keep practicing it doesn’t always happen right away. All good things take a bit of work. Click here for more information Enjoy.

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