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Toxic Algae Blooms And Pets #213

Toxic Algae Blooms

More Importantly, Don’t Let Your Dogs Swim In Water With Toxic Algae Blooms.

Photo by Mihály Köles on Unsplash

A lady in North Carolina lost all three of her dogs within hours of letting them cool off in a near by pond. The culprit, liver failure from cyanobacteria due to toxic algae blooms. Blue-green Algae is the most common to cause this reaction. There is no cure for this poisoning so avoidance is paramount.

How would any well-intentioned pet owner know, not to let their dog cool off in a pond? Dogs eat way worse than pond water and come out just fine. And without any warning signs your left to just make judgment calls. But here are some red flags. If the weather has been unseasonably warm and the body of water is completely stagnant. This is the ideal breading ground for toxic algae blooms.

What Are Some Alternatives.

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Even if the dogs don’t actively drink this toxic water supply. If they swim in it, it gets on their fur and when they lick it off then it can still kill them. To err on the safe side just don’t let dogs swim and play in warm stagnant water. Look for blue green algae on the surface of the water. If your dog is over heated think of other ways to cool them off. Hose them down or maybe take them to a river. Natural flow of water break up and disrupt the production of cyanobacteria that make up these toxic algae blooms. I know no pet owner ever wants to see this happen to there animals let along any other. Stay vigilant loving pet owners.

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