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Waiting For Inspiration. Avoiding Failure #227

Inspiration Doesn’t Come In The Waiting. It Comes In The Doing.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

You will never be able to sit and wait for inspiration to strike you. Waiting is inspiration’s antithesis. Inspiration fades fast if you do nothing. Wanting helps increase desire. It helps to push you forward to engage in actions directed at achievement.

But wanting also can increase depression and dissatisfaction. You cannot be content and at peace in life if you are also dissatisfied with that life. The two are like oil and water they just don’t mix. However dissatisfaction can be the most powerful motivator. It will push you farther than you ever imagined. The highest achievers among us, are usually the most dissatisfied. But it comes with that high price of when is anything enough?

How Do We Balance That Driving Force Of Dissatisfaction, With Gratitude For The Life We Currently Have, All In Order To Create The Life We Want?

I think the only possibility for this is in isolation.

Isolate the areas you want change in and don’t let it affect the others. Be happy and content with the family you chose but never let the dissatisfaction from possibly the work your currently doing affect that family. Just because you’re dissatisfied in one area of life, doesn’t mean it has to cascade into all areas.

Or we could possibly use a “this/and method.” We can tell ourselves we are grateful for this and we also want that. That way we are only adding to the possibilities. We don’t always have to lose in order to gain.

No matter the possibilities without steady actions. Doing it regularly, even when you don’t feel like it. Inspiration will evaporate. And all that will be left is a list of broken dreams and wants you’re never due to receive.