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Believing Tap Water To Be Safe #147.


Is Tap Water Undermining Our Health?

This may seem like one of those water conspiracy theories. I assure you it is not. This is all information anyone can look up for themselves.

Photo by Imani on Unsplash

How could something so unassuming and generic as water ever compromise our health? Is it more than pure H2O that we’re ingesting? It’s only that basic building block of life that is coming out our faucets, not much else to it right?

Here’s where we are misguided. So much different particulates of matter and micro organism can easily be diffused into water that there is no real telling exactly what you are getting out of your taps every day.


First off in order to kill off any deadly germs or micro organism in our water supply, our water must be treated with a dose of chlorine. Chlorine does have the benefit of killing off all those infectious diseases that hide out in our water but it comes at a price to our health. While it’s killing off all those infectious germs it also kills off the good beneficial bacteria that our body relies on to keep us healthy and our immune system strong.


Next add to water a heaping helping of fluoride. All in the name of dentistry. How wonderful is this? Your teeth may be whiter, as your body decays. Type fluoride into any search engine and it will give you a whole slew of health ailments this heavy metal causes. Bone disease, thyroid conditions, neurological problems, birth defects. The list is pretty extensive.

Old Pipes.

On top of those problems we have leaching from old pipes. Old pipes that may contain lead as in the case with Flint Michigan. These two items alone are enough to begin to question, how is it we’re so trusting that the water coming from our faucet is safe to drink? But it’s the unknowns that are the true danger.

Drugs And Hormones

Modern municipal water treatment facilities, although successful at supplying us with potable water through our taps. Are unable to filter out hormones along with other trace amounts of all types of drugs. When individuals take any form of drug or when women takes birth control their body processes these medications through the liver and then expels the excess through excretion. Both in urine and feces.

These byproducts are then shipped through our trusty old pipes to water treatment centers. Treated and filtered and than sent right back to us in the form of tap water.

Now filled with all forms drugs and hormones, like estrogen, antibiotics, epilepsy drugs, antidepressants, diabetes drugs, heart medications. The list goes on and on. These are only trace amounts in each glass of water we indulge in. But trace amounts of any of these things should raise red flags. Over time these drugs can bio-accumulate within our bodies and cause serious damage while undermining our overall health.

How Do We Combat Such Issues?

Well I found the cheapest solution to be a in home water distiller. It distills a gallon of water over a few hours time and you know you are only drinking pure H2O nothing else. You can see inside the distiller after it has evaporated the water. All the impurities left behind, and it’s a lot.

If you feel distilled is lacking minerals and electrolytes you can add a half teaspoon of pink Himalayan sea salt to a gallon of distilled water. This should add those essential minerals and electrolytes back to your water and you’ll know the exact portion.

You can also invest in a reverse osmosis system. This system is simply a much more extensive filtration process which nearly returns water to it’s natural state. All in all just be cognizant of that fact that tap water can cause harm to you and your family. We need water to survive but we also don’t want it to be the cause of illness or our own mortality.

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