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Making False Reviews Online #203.

A Woman In Australia Was Ordered To Pay $370,000 Plus Legal Fees To A Plastic Surgeon. She Made False Claims About in a Google Review.

Be sure to get your story straight when writing reviews, or it could cost you. Although this seems like a fair outcome from spreading false information about a business and costing that company clients. It does set a scary precedence for freedom of speech in Australia. Liberty is consistently being challenged all over the world. To think something as innocuous as an online review could have such ramifications. It’ll make you think twice before you go and drag someones name through the mud. And rightfully so.

Where Is The Line Drawn?

What I’m curious about is what if this woman didn’t make false claims but gave a negative review out of her own personal biases and it still cost this business money. Would she still be protected at that point? I would like to believe so, because that’s happening all over the internet. Reviews are endless, Amazon, Google, Yelp. Yelp is strictly reviews, so can every business in Australia start suing everyone for defamation that gave them a bad yelp review? Reviews keep industries honest. Take that away and bad business wins.

So where is the line drawn when it comes to defamation? And what is the media to do to protect themselves against these lawsuits? Write a disclaimer for every story that the claims in the article could be wrong? Seems like a logical albeit problematic approach. At that point, you really wouldn’t know what is true and what is false but it sounds like laws are forcing that hand. But to be on the safe side just review honestly.

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