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The Ultimatum Game #211

ultimatum game

There Are No True Winners In The Ultimatum Game.

If one side wins the other loses but the cost of the loss will always burden the winner. It’s a all or nothing roll of the dice. Sure you might get what you want. But if you are playing the ultimatum game with someone close to you. They will most likely grow resentment if it’s not something they also want.

The Ultimatum Game Is Rarely A Win Win Game.

ultimatum game
Photo by Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash

It’s the do this for me or I’m walking out game. It can be high risk high reward but more often then not it leaves both parties at a loss. Sometimes it’s the only answer if you’re not getting what you want. You have to be willing to walk away if what you want is not obtainable with the person you want it with.

Other times it’s worth putting in the work and effort in order to find life alternatives that will satisfy both parties. Because if you get to the point of playing the ultimatum game. It’s probably already too late. Prepare yourself to either change drastically to meet the needs of others, or to depart that particular relationship entirely.

Why Play The Ultimatum Game?

It’s an unfair game and the cards are stacked against all players. So why even play. The answer is simple the parties want more than the other is giving. And in that case you have to draw the line somewhere. As painful as that maybe. It’s almost always a losing battle but it’s the last ditch effort before raising the white flag. You tried and hopefully your efforts were worth the loss. Try to steer clear of these loses establish desire long before the ultimatum. On in other word preset your ultimatums early for expectations later and never waiver from your stance.

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