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Comparing Yourself To Others #182.

Comparing Yourself

Comparing Yourself To Others Is The Fast Track To Unhappiness.

No matter if you fall short of your hopeful comparison twin or exceed them you will only come to find that race is one that is never won. You are either trying to keep up, following in someone else’s shadow or you surpass them only to be left unfulfilled knowing that it was all in vain. And to keep going you need a new benchmark you’ll be comparing yourself too. Know that it means nothing if you’re living someone else’s ambitions. You will get nothing rewarding back from that.

Comparing Yourself To Others
Photo by Taylor Smith on Unsplash

Examples Of Comparisons.

Same goes for the families who compare there kids to others or there houses or cars to others. What they have over what you have or visa versa. When you compare yourself to others you look for ways that you are better than them. And in that process you alienate yourself from true connection. It comes from a jealous place in your heart. You can never truly be happy for another if you are always trying to outdo that other.

Maybe it’s a friend or relative, maybe it’s someone famous that you are envious of and want to emulate there life or have a better life a better family with more wealth and a higher social status. You’ll chase it so show others you made it but no matter how you spin it’s a depressing chase.

Build Your Own Image. One That Others Want To Emulate.

Listen to any great, When they are compared to other greats they thank those making the comparison for including them in the same sentence but assure them they are working towards there own legacy. They aren’t comparing themselves to others because they’re to busy working on their own ways to improve themselves. The only thing they’re comparing themselves to is themselves and how they can incrementally improve on what they have done in the past. They are carving they’re own path. One others can depressing try to follow and keep up with. Or instead, they can abandon other’s trails altogether and begin to blaze their own forward. Because on that path you can worry not what others think, do, or say, while you’re happy and fulfilled doing things your own way.

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