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Commute To Work #159.


What Cost You Money, Time And Energy, Just So You Can Give Your Time And Energy To Make Money? It’s your commute


It’s that hellatious daily commute we all love so dearly. Unless you live where you work, you have one. And if you have one you know all to well about the daily plight most of us go through.

Time Cost Of Commute.

Many commutes average about an hour one way. That means two hours a day round trip. 10 hours a week. 40 hours a month. Which all adds up to a whopping 20 days a year. That we spend locked in our vehicles stressed to the hilt. Trying making it to work on time and worrying about the other drivers around us.

All the while not being capable of performing any other task that might help to free us from that daily grind. Nope, we can just drive on in our silent misery. Well maybe not silent but at least the other drivers can’t hear us lament with your profanity riddled screams.

Monetary Cost Of Commute.

On top of those 20 lost days with no compensation for the loss. We must fill our gas tanks, pay our tolls, or pay for some other from of transportation. With that hour commute you’re vehicle will probably require a fill up once a week. Let’s say it takes 60 dollars a week to fill it up. That’s nearly $3,000 annually just for gas to get to and from work.

That doesn’t include the maintenance, the insurance and your taxes, which is a few thousand more. All of this devoted time and money is for another’s benefit. Sure you benefit in the sense you get a paycheck. But essentially it is you giving up your personal time, money and energy in order to offer your services to another entity in the hopes of getting paid.

What Can We Do About It?

Well we can ask our employer to contribute to all those added cost. We can create a life where we’re able to work from home. We could read and learn new things on our commute, making that time more valuable. And by reading I mean listening to audio books and podcast while driving.

We can take public transportation to and from work and use that time to work on personal growth projects that can one day free us from that daily grind. Get creative with it. Maybe if we all begin to not except it as status quo together, we’ll force those who make money from our hard work to pay us for the time and money it cost us to get to said work.

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