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Blowing It Scenario #47-Profits Over People, A Failure Of Compassion Displayed By Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli Sentencing For Fraud Is This Week But His Actions In The Pharmaceutical Industry Echo a Far More Troubling Failure. One That Has Yet To Be Fully Corrected.

Profits over people. All to often these actions take place behind closed doors in board rooms and through creative accounting practices. Never to be seen is the actual face of the individuals who make the rules. In what world do you take life saving drugs and increase their pricing 700%? Apparently it’s common practice. It’s probably one of they most disheartening practices known to man. The kind that makes you question for a second your faith in humanity. It’s tremendously ironic to me that an industry that should be 100% rooted in compassion, could be so callous at times. Think of the compassion one must have to want to develop a cure for another’s ailment. You would think that has got to be one of the most compassionate actions known. Then think company or CEO who in turn sends this wondrous drug out in to the world to be a great use at a fair price. One that may be helping or saving the lives of thousands of people. And after it has proven to help those thousands of users the CEO decides to put their very own clients, the users of their products, into crippling debt, just to stay alive. And for what? Just so a few wealthy individuals can turn a larger profit that year for themselves and their share holders.

I’m all for businesses turning a profit but their is an extent. Their is bad profit and good profit. This actions is the lowest form of dumpster driving profit. At the forefront of all this is Martin Shkreli the CEO, drug price fixer. Who unapologetically rose prices of a common drug from $15 to $700. And in doing so  he shed light on this disgusting display that runs rampant through the entire drug industry, with no regulation in sight. Part of me commends him. Not for his actions, those are incredibly despicable and reprehensible. But for the fact that he didn’t hide behind the board room doors or the spreadsheet. He fully owned his actions, albeit terrible ones. He owned them, even once saying, that his only regret, is he didn’t raise the prices higher.

Now Martin is being sentenced for an act of fraud that happened with a different company altogether. He is not facing any punishment for any of the price gouging he inflicted on every day citizens. That somehow is not a punishable offense, even though it’s a form of theft. He’s facing punishment of hurting the moneyed interest, in a business prior to his price gouging. For some reason that is a worse action that you can take against another, then stealing poor and averages people’s money they use for life saving drugs. This does serve as a lesson still. Usually when you act in ill intent, those actions carry through in all that you do. If you find a business man or women who exuded insolence, selfishness and a general lack of sympathy for others. Chances are that has been their mode of operation for most of their actions throughout life and business. Steer clear of these people they will only take you down or better yet the positive change that takes them down. We can’t always keep them accountable but every once in awhile in life, they just might get back what they gave.

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