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Blowing It Scenario #62-Devil’s Advocating.

Or As I Like To Call It, Just Being An Asshole.

First off why would you want to advocate for the Devil? In mythological terms the Devil is the personification of pure evil. And to advocate is to¬†publicly recommend or support actions. So in playing devil’s advocate you are publicly recommending and or supporting acts of pure evil. I know that’s not the intention when friends tell you they are simply playing devil’s advocate, but no matter how you write it off, you often times seem like a complete asshole.

We all have the friend that love’s to play the “what if” game. Or they love to run through worst case scenarios with you, till they’re blue in the face. You tell them your goals and dreams and they’ll begin to crap all over them. What if you fail? What if you fall flat on your face? What if you lose everything? They will then follow it up with a laundry list of all the potentialities of failure and risk. Everything negative standing in your way of success. My answer to them is so what. Yes bad things can happen and they probably will, at least we’re continually working towards a better future. Can they say the same? These people, who often times you want to remove from your life, are sometimes some of the most valuable contributors. They are usually the first test and the first barrier you have to break through in making your dreams a reality. Hopefully making you and your convictions stronger in the process. Get through these naysayers and you’ll be all the better for it. Give up and the devil has won.

If they are truly negative people all the time, completely remove them from your life. Otherwise your journey will be like that of Sisyphus, constantly rolling a large bolder up hill, only to watch it fall down to the ground when you near the top. Imagine repeating that day in and day out for the rest of your life. Remove negativity. It’s important to know the road to success is paved with obstacles and challenges all through out. Devils advocates are just a few trolls along the path, taking their toll. Pay it and move on. For they are the misfortune ones who gave up on their dreams long ago.

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