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Create A College Scam And Then Get Everyone You Made Accomplices In Your Crime In Trouble #188.

One of the biggest college admissions scandals in history was revealed. And the person who took it down is same person who started it.

This comes as a surprise to me. I had already thought that money could buy you a diploma at the elite schools. Now it’s proven that it could, you just had to take a shadier path to get there. A man created a false charity to launder money in order to bribe school officials, and coaches. Than they facilitated ways to cheat on the SAT and ACT. All in order to get kids who would otherwise not make it into the elite universities away in. Then after this man who created this whole fraudulent system gets caught. He then goes and throws all the people he brought into this system under the bus. For fraud that they were committing under his tutelage. It’s hard to think, who wouldn’t take a bribe that says you can help a student get into the college. They want to get in to and you’ll make money facilitating this. Just on principle alone it would be hard to turn that down. Especially when people need more and more money survive just the day today life and pay bills.

So now you get paid you help a student. Who wouldn’t otherwise get into college get into the college of their dreams. After doing so the man who bribed you. Comes back and incriminates you for helping with the scheme he concocted in the first place.

College Graduation
Graduation Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

The College Scheme Exposed.

Schemes like these have probably been going on for decades. It’s only now being brought to the attention, I assume because it was on such a large scale. And it wasn’t quite enough money to turn a blind eye.

Ultra wealthy parents of children have been working the system for years in order to get their children into the same alumni. Honestly colleges are already so damn expensive that they should just make that the entire system as is. If you want to get into a Princeton or Harvard. You just have to have x more dollars than anybody else. It seems like that’s how the system already works. All in all I think the scam just really exposes the college system as a whole. A corrupt flawed overpriced system. College is the ultimate scam.

Don’t Blame The Parents For Wanting A Better Life For Their Children.

I don’t blame the parents for wanting the better life for the children. I don’t blame the school officials or coaches wanting to earn more and help a child out in the process. The real people who suffer from this are the kids who either learn cheating gets you ahead. Or they are given a golden ticket that they never had to work for. Which may give them even more entitlement down the road. The fact that they need to do this to get into the “right” college in order to have the “best” future, is the real scam.

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