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Company Stealing From Employees #216.

If A Patron Tips Someone That Is For That Individual’s Services. If A Company Takes It. That Is The Company Stealing From Employees.

Or in the case of door dash stealing from independent contractors. Door dash is literally stealing from employees. By keeping a portion of the tips that customers think are going to the driver. The driver that just spent his own time, energy, and gas. In order to go to a restaurant or store, park their vehicle, walk in, sometimes wait extra time for the order to ready. Than gingerly drive said order to the patrons house which could be many miles away. The time in which that takes could approach upwards of an hour.

This whole service somehow cost under 5 dollars. There is absolutely no way that driver has earned any income whatsoever. They may in fact be in the negative. The only way to negate this negative monetary state. Is with the hopes the patron understands all that went into bringing them that order. And they reward the driver with a tip. Or at least they think it goes to the driver.

Door Dashes Policy Was To Skim A Percentage Of The Tips Paid To Drivers.

In order to increase their business. A blatant theft of both consumer and employee.

As a consumer, most tip for service and we expect that tip to go 100% to the person who facilitated that service. Not the company. When we pay for meals the business has already accounted for profit. We are not tipping to add to that profit. We are tipping the person barely getting by on the earnings provided by that employer. The fact that we even tip is still an allocation to the company. We are outsourcing the responsibility of wages to the patrons.

To Insure Promptness.

Stealing from employees
Photo by Sam Truong Dan on Unsplash

This is the true meaning of the word tip. Originally you gave a tip at the beginning of service with the expectation the server would be prompt with their service. Which is already a given, it’s part of their job. So tipping turned into exceptional services rendered. Than from there it became customary to leave something to all assistance. Meanwhile employers could begin paying employees less. Because income was than covered by the people receiving the already mandated services provided regardless of tip.

We Have Now Taken This To The Extreme.

Where some people in the service industry work off tips alone. Which is ludicrous. Tips aren’t a guarantee. No one should ever have to work for another and than be forced to beg many others for spare change as their income. A tip should always be in addition to salary, not salary itself. And if ever we find a company stealing from employees like this. It should be charged as what it is. Theft.

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