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Waiting Until End Of Life For Retirement #218.


We Never Know What The Future Holds. That’s Why We Should Enjoy Retirement Consistently Throughout Life.

Photo by Elena Saharova on Unsplash

In speaking with a hospice therapist the other day. He spoke of a couple that was just weeks away from 65 years of age and full retirement. They had planned a luxury cruise that they had always dreamed of. And just before they were to depart, the wife had a massive stroke. And needed in home hospice care. No retirement, no dream vacation. Just a rapidly fleeting life.

And that’s the problem. Life can change in a flash. This hospice therapist told me of a 29 year old with a wife and kids and 19 year old both of which had brain tumors, he spoke of children with cancer.

It’s truly devastating that anyone could be taken at such young ages. It’s not fair at all but it is an aspect of life. The therapist spoke of the work as being rewarding. To help ease the burden at the end of life. And that’s just it, we have to respect the fact that our time here is limited.

With just a blink of the eye you could be healthy and in your prime. Dreaming of a future that may never come. Than out of nowhere, blindsided by a catastrophic event.

We Can’t Wait, We Have To Take Advantage Of Our Time Here And Now.

After the therapist saw all these patients taken too soon. He realized he had to live his own life before it was too late. He began to take short retirements yearly. A few months off to recuperate and rejuvenate.

Something that we should mandate for ourselves, as well as from all employers. Its no wonder why this F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence, Retire Early) idea is taking off. No one wants to wait till it’s too late to enjoy retirement. To truly take full advantage of that part of life.

I spoke with a retired engineer as well. He and his wife were thoroughly enjoying their retirement. But in order to get there, he spent 30 plus years working in the same office. He said his son once commented to him, “Dad isn’t that just a prison sentence with a life release program?”

Is Your Work A Prison Sentence With A Life Release Program?

It is how most work is treated. Give us two thirds of your life. And just maybe at the end of it you can finally relax and enjoy what you are doing. This is if you had a decent paying career that helped contribute to the income needed for after the work is finished. Or you yourself properly planned for retirement. Most give the two thirds of life and have nothing to show for it in the end.

What Can We Do?

We could subscribe to financial independence, retire early. And get out of the prison sentence while we’re still young. We could find work we truly love so we enjoy every aspect of our life even work. Maybe start a successful business and take command of your time.

We could demand employers to allow us up to 5 months off a year. If we do that, we could institute a new program. That while working, income is placed into a mini retirement account to be used annually. It could be separated out so that living expenses are covered throughout the year and you can take months off with ease and have still your job when you come back. If you still want it. All so we don’t have to wait till end of life, to truly enjoy our life.

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