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Blowing It Scenario #89-Is The Free Market Really Free.

Businesses Claim To Want A Free Market But When It Infringes On Their Own Profits. They Will Get The Government To Shut Others Down And Imprison. The Antithesis Of Free.

This is what happened when an incredibly talented innovator came head to head with the Microsoft juggernaut. Eric Lundgren an e-waste inventor who has built an electric car from computer scrap that out distanced a Tesla, was sentenced to 15 months in prison for conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods and criminal copyright infringement. Why? Because this good samaritan who is actually doing good in the world and creating things out of our toxic junk simply wanted to supply computer refurbishers with Microsoft windows. So that when computers crash but were already licensed with windows it can easily be installed back on the computer.

He was literally trying to help people who already had the program, just get their program back on to the computer without having to buy a new license or whole new program. And here in lies the problem. That cuts into future profits which is a big no no. We can’t be having that. So we get the Government to step in and set up a sting to purchase these c.d.’s, for next to nothing. Eric had them made for 5 cents and was selling them to refurbishers for 25 cents.

This was not a money making endeavor. Yet when the corporation sells new licenses they want $25 dollars. Simply the same program you had before now cost you more money to reinstall. Businesses would like you to think they support free markets and that competition is allowed in their domain but it isn’t and free is the mortal enemy. It’s all highly controlled and if you’re big enough you can get the government to do the bidding for you.

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