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Blowing It Scenario #81-Believing Artificial Sweeteners Are Better For You.

Study Finds Artificial Sweeteners Linked To Diabetes And Obesity.

So often we read the word diet in a label and believe it to be a healthier alternative. As if all things diet are inherently better. We completely dismiss that in order to get that diet tag on a product and still get a passable taste out of it, foreign chemicals the body is unaccustomed to breaking down must be used.

Yet aspartame is still a popular go to for some who think it’s noncaloric impact will have a more positive impact on their bodies. This has been proven to not be the case. It still has a negative overall effect on the body. We shouldn’t fear calories either, they are simply energy units to burn. The study finds the body is able to breakdown sugar and artificial sweeteners in moderation. However once we break past that minute threshold, our bodies actually start to breakdown themselves. With a whole slew of health problems, from obesity and all the health concerns associated with that. All the way to what is considered a sugar disease, diabetes. It’s the impact these sweeteners have on the pancreas and other major organs that should be our concern.

Once the body is overloaded with work to breakdown these complex chemicals it becomes distracted from the main work at hand and that keeping you and your immune system healthy and functioning. If constantly distracted with the work of breaking down these problematic foreign food products, that’s when illness and disease invade the organism. So just be conscientious if you absolutely feel you must have sweeteners or any other foods and carbohydrates that will tax the system, just be sure to do it in moderation.

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